The book is made up of 450 full colour pages, more than 2200 high-definition colour photos will help you catalogue your cards.

This book allows you to catalogue any Liebig card you may have in your hands. All Liebig cards are listed by issue date from 1872 to 1975. All sets are numbered according to the Sanguinetti numbering system which has been used by all the European collectors for more than a century.

This is the only book that will finally show you the differences between French and Belgian editions. In fact, being both written in French, they have been a trial to Liebig cards collectors for 100 years. Now next to each photo, the secret to tell these two editions apart is told. It’s the only guide that shows also the original title for all sets existing in French-Belgian and/or in German.

Moreover, a general index in Italian of the 1871 existing sets, no matter the language or the edition in which they were published, will come to your aid to quickly find your set. However, if you have a foreign edition of a Liebig set you can use the useful alphabetical indexes for the following editions: Dutch, English, Flemish, French-Belgian and German.

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